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High flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy
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High-flow oxygen therapy refers to a way of effective respiratory therapy for patients by providing high-flow, precise oxygen concentration, and warming and humidifying air-oxygen mixed gas. It can quickly improve the patient's oxygenation level and maintain the normal operation of airway mucus cilia.
High-flow oxygen therapy is widely used in clinical practice for acute hypoxic respiratory failure, post-extubation oxygen therapy, acute heart failure, chronic airway diseases, and some invasive operations on the respiratory tract due to its unique physiological effects. Especially for patients with acute hypoxic respiratory failure, high-flow oxygen therapy is significantly better than traditional oxygen therapy in increasing oxygen partial pressure, and the effect is no less than non-invasive ventilation, but HFNC has better comfort and tolerance than non-invasive ventilator. Therefore, HFNC is recommended as the first-line respiratory treatment for such patients.
High-flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC), it refers to a method of oxygen therapy in which a certain oxygen concentration of air-oxygen mixed with high-flow gas is directly delivered to the patient through a nasal congestion catheter without sealing.
HFNC was originally widely used in neonatal respiratory distress syndrome (NRDS) as a respiratory support alternative to nasal continuous positive pressure ventilation (NCPAP), and it has achieved a positive effect. With the increasing application of HFNC in adults, medical staff also realize its unique advantages different from ordinary oxygen therapy and non-invasive mechanical ventilation during use.
Nasal High Flow Oxygen Therapy (HFNC) has a unique physiological effect
1、Constant oxygen concentration: The maximum oxygen flow provided by the traditional low-flow oxygen therapy device is generally 15L/min, which is far lower than the patient's actual peak inspiratory flow. The insufficient flow will be supplemented by the air inhaled at the same time, so the oxygen concentration will be It is heavily diluted and the specific concentration is unknown. The high-flow respiratory therapy device has a built-in air-oxygen mixer, and can provide a mixed gas flow of up to 80L/min, which is greater than the patient's peak inspiratory flow, so as to ensure a constant inhaled oxygen concentration, which can be as high as 100%;
2、Good temperature and humidity effect: HFNC can provide high flow gas with a temperature of 37°C and a relative humidity of 100%, which has great advantages compared with traditional oxygen therapy;
3、Flushing the dead space of the nasopharynx: HFNC can provide up to 80L/min of gas, which can flush the dead space of the nasopharynx to a certain extent, so that it can provide gas with high oxygen concentration and low carbon dioxide, which can improve blood oxygen saturation. Reduce the effect of carbon dioxide;
4、Generate a certain positive airway pressure: Some researchers have found that HFNC can generate a pressure of about 4cmH2O on average, and can generate a pressure of up to 7cmH2O when the mouth is closed. It can be seen that HFNC can produce an effect similar to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). But unlike CPAP, HFNC aims at a constant flow rate and produces unconstant airway pressure. Therefore, in clinical use, the patient's oral cavity must be closed to achieve the desired effect;
5、Comfort and tolerance: Most studies have found that due to its good temperature and humidity effect and easy use, the nasal high-flow oxygen therapy device has better comfort and tolerance than high-flow oxygen masks and non-invasive.
Micomme's OH series high-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy device  provides effective respiratory therapy for patients by providing high-flow, precise oxygen concentration, and heated and humidified air-oxygen mixed gas.
Oxygen concentration automatic control technology/intelligent temperature and humidity control system/70L/min high flow output
Micomme's OH series of high-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy can quickly improve the oxygenation level of patients and maintain the normal operation of airway mucus cilia. It is mainly suitable for patients with spontaneous breathing such as mild to moderate respiratory distress syndrome and hypoxemia.

Applicable departments
Respiratory department, emergency department, neurology, neurosurgery, ICU, geriatrics, cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, pediatrics
The patient uses micomme OH series high-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy device
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