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Company Culture
  • Our proposal

    Healthy and confident

    Healthy living, confident work, brilliant life

  • Our vision

    Serve the community through wisdom.

  • Our Value

    Philosophy Knowledge Innovation Love

  • Our attitude

    Tolerance and breakthrough

    Tolerance is our attitude

    Only tolerance can see everything with an open mind, break the rules, change the existing rules and find new solutions

  • The way to realize our ideals

    Continuous self-improvement.

    We are steadfast pursuers of ideals

    Practice ideals with actions

    What motivates us to keep going is continuous self-improvement.

    Only by constantly improving and surpassing, can we realize the dream in our hearts.

  • Our spirit


    In order to relieve the suffering of patients and obtain happiness

    It's this dream that brings us together.

    Providing comfortable and natural solutions is our belief.

    Persistent pursuit is our secret to overcome difficulties.

  • Our standard

    High Technique Perfect Service

    "High " & "Perfect " is a realm

    It’s our standard and our motivation to move forward.

    As to "Service", we not only emphasize "user-centered" to meet users’ needs through technological innovation, but also "design guidance" and "lead life" through design innovation to make life better.

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