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What are the treatments for snoring ?
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Snoring treatment 1:

1、Weight loss (recommended)

2、Proper exercise and a balanced diet

3、Quit smoking and drinking

4、Sleep in lateral position

5、Properly raise the head of the bed

Snoring treatment 2:


Methods: Surgical repair of the pharyngeal cavity structure.
Indications: Upper airway oropharyngeal obstruction (including pharyngeal mucosal hypertrophy, narrow pharyngeal cavity, uvular hypertrophy, soft palate hypoplasia, tonsil hypertrophy) AHI<20 times/hour.
Contraindications: Obesity and AHI>20 times/hour.
Advantages: the effect is remarkable, and the effect is quick.
Disadvantages: high risk, high cost, prone to surgical complications and recurrence.

Depending on the location of the blockage

Nose: Correction of nasal septum deviation, resection of turbinate hypertrophy, nasal polyp or tumor resection, etc.
Tongue: Mandible advancement surgery, maxillary and mandible advancement surgery, hyoid surgery, tracheotomy, etc.
Pharyngeal: tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, laser uvulopalatoplasty, palatopharyngoplasty.

Snoring treatment 3:

Ventilator (the safest and most effective way of treatment)

Method: Open the blocked airway through continuous positive pressure inflation.
Indications: AHI>20 times/hour, severe snoring, daytime sleepiness and unknown diagnosis can be treated as experimental treatment, OSAHS combined with nocturnal asthma.
Contraindications: emphysema, pneumothorax or mediastinal emphysema, blood pressure significantly lowered <90/60mmHg or shock.
Advantages: physical therapy, effective that night, non-invasive, suitable for severe patients.
Disadvantages: the mask is inconvenient to wear, and there is discomfort in the initial use.

The principle of the ventilator to treat snoring is to fix a special mask on the nose of the patient through a headgear during sleep. The mask is connected to the main device through a tube, and the high-speed airflow generated by the main device enters the upper airway through the tube to form a positive pressure. The large and small pressure can prevent the upper airway soft tissue from collapsing during sleep, so that the airway is always open during inhalation and exhalation, ensuring the smooth passage of respiratory airflow, and preventing apnea and hypopnea in various positions and stages of sleep As well as the occurrence of snoring, the resulting hypoxemia, hypercapnia and sleep fragmentation are eliminated.

Many severe patients find their night snoring and apnea disappeared, sleep therapy improved, and no dozing off during the day after they have undergone ventilator therapy for snoring. The blood pressure of patients with hypertension has become easier to control, and some patients do not need it. Continue to take antihypertensive drugs. Other symptoms will also be significantly improved.

The current mainstream domestic ventilator is generally small and lighter. It can be placed in a small backpack or handbag, which is more convenient to carry. But there are also problems such as the comfort of the mask, the psychological adaptability of the patient and spouse, and noise.

Some patients worry that the snoring ventilator will make louder noises when it is running, which will affect the sleep of themselves and others. In fact, this kind of worry is unnecessary. The noise of a qualified ventilator is generally not loud when it is running. Only when the mask is not worn properly or there is air leakage, the high-speed airflow will make a sound when it rushes out of the mask and tube. If the mask is worn correctly, the sound is very light and will not affect the sleep of oneself and others.

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