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Treatments of snoring for adults
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1、Physical therapy:

At present, the international view believed that non-invasive ventilation is the first choice for moderate to severe sleep apnea syndrome, and continuous positive pressure ventilation (CPAP) is the first choice. This treatment is effective whether it is central, obstructive or mixed, and no matter which plane of obstruction, it is helpful and even has an absolute effect. It can be said that the ventilator is not only the preferred treatment method, but also the safest, effective and cost-effective choice.

2、Conservative treatment:Weight loss therapy; improve the sleeping position, avoid lying on the supine head, and bend the head forward; device therapy, such as nasal valve dilator, self-flowing tongue depressor, etc.

3、Diet:Meals and life. Eat more light foods, such as vegetables and fruits, smoke less, and don't drink alcohol. Go to bed early and get up early. Sports can also alleviate the symptoms of snoring.

Main prevention and home care methods for patients' reference

▶ Strengthen physical exercise and maintain good living habits.

▶ Avoid smoking and drinking, because smoking can aggravate respiratory symptoms, drinking can aggravate snoring, nocturnal breathing disorders, and hypoxemia. Especially drinking before going to bed.

▶ For obese people, it is necessary to actively reduce weight and strengthen exercise. Our experience is to lose more than 5%-10% of body weight.

▶ Most patients with snoring have decreased blood oxygen levels, so they are often accompanied by high blood pressure, arrhythmia, increased blood viscosity, and increased heart burden, which can easily lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to blood pressure monitoring and take antihypertensive treatment according to doctor's instructions. 

▶ It is forbidden to take sedatives and sleeping substances before going to bed, so as not to aggravate the inhibition of the respiratory center adjustment.

▶ Always take a side-lying sleeping position, especially the right-side sleeping position, to avoid falling after the tongue, soft palate, and uvula are relaxed during sleep, which will aggravate the upper airway blockage. A small ball can be worn on the back during sleep, which helps to compulsorily maintain sleep in the side lying position.

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