Cpap 25

Sepray CPAP 25

Fixed pressure therapeutic device

Integrated design Economical and practical more cost-effective

Fantastic sleep

Suitable for caring and treatment of snoring,sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome.
It has 360 degree back flow design, 5 levels humidification setting and preserves sleep quality and comfort level.

Sepray CPAP 25 could effectively improve the following symptom:

  • Snoring
  • Mouth breathing
  • Insomnia
  • Suffocated awake at night
  • Daytime lethargy
  • Memory decline
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Hight blood pressure
  • Hight blood glusose
  • Low blood oxyger
Simplified interface design

3.5 inch color screen, more clear and bigger, combined more treatment data and overall treatment monitoring, which could offer you all-round health care.

and portable device

Simple texture appearance and smooth lines, humanized design concept, perfectly embedded humidifier and main unit are integrated into one, which will not take up space and is more suitable for home placement.

portable bag

portable mask


Intelligent humidification system

Healthy heating and humidification system, releasing a larger amount of humidification Maintain ideal humidity for 10ml/L in flow rate of 60L/min, improve nasal dryness, respiratory discomfort, dry skin and other conditions, to make you have comfortable breathing.

Independently research and develop 360°technology, which obtained national patent certification.
Effectively prevent the movement and water back-flow to burn the internal motor to avoid the risks, improve the comfort of attendance.

M+HealthCare Platform

Built-in wifi module could synchronously transmit real-time treatment data.
The M+HealthCare platform could track the monitor treatment data in real time.
It is an exclusive 7*24h after-salesservice for you. Regardless of work, business trip, travel, you could still make real-time monitoring anytime, anywhere.
It offers you and your family best personal guardian.
M+HealthCare platform could integrate all the sleep data and automatically generate a professional treatment assessment report.
Even when you stay at home, you could obtain the most professional and high efficient care program.

4 methods of report reading

  • Surface
  • M+HealthCare Platform
  • App
  • Analysis Software
Quiet and thoughtful functional design

LED backlit screen, sleep mode is automatically activated at night, the screen backlight automatically dim, so you will not suffer from light interference.
High-quality turbine makes the sound is lower than 28dB during operation, to create a comfortable quiet sleep environment for you.

working noise

turn on
sleep mode

COMF Pressure Release Technology

Powerful pressure relief technology-COMF, is our own patent.
It could ensure the comfort level, high compliance, free from burdened breath nursing through the clinical test and demonstration.

Standard Package
Sepray CPAP 25
360° anti-counter current water chamber/Humidifier upper cover
Water chamber cover
Power adapter
User manual
Micro SD card(4G)


Picture: Sepray CPAP 25

Brochure: Sepray CPAP 25/A25 EN

User manual: Sepray CPAP_V2.1 EN