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Wearing a non-invasive ventilator looks very uncomfortable. Do I have to wear it
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The treatment of OSA with non-invasive ventilator is like wearing glasses for myopia patients. It does feel uncomfortable at the beginning of wearing, but you can adapt to it after a few days. At the same time, the treatment effect is immediate. The world will be clear as soon as you put on the glasses. When you put on noninvasive breathing, the snoring and snoring disappeared instantly, and immediately regained a wonderful sleep. The mental state during the day was significantly improved, the work efficiency was greatly improved, and even some refractory hypertension and diabetes were controlled. It is recommended to wear it for life!

Some patients with long-term snoring have obvious pharyngeal edema. After wearing a non-invasive ventilator for a period of time, positive pressure ventilation can improve the pharyngeal edema. Occasionally, if you do not wear it, OSA symptoms will be less than before treatment, but it is easy to relapse.

There are also some patients with mild to moderate OSA who enjoy the remarkable curative effect of non-invasive ventilator therapy. They are more motivated to treat, improve their living habits, strengthen exercise, lose weight successfully, and are finally completely cured.

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