Sepray ST-30D

Bi-level non-invasive ventilator

Intelligent breathing support, alleviate hypoxia situation

Medical grade quality higher pressure      more cost-effective

More professional
More comprehensive

Clinical study shows COPD patients with Bi-level non-invasive ventilator treatment at home can effectively improve the symptoms of hypoxia and carbon dioxide retention, Sepray ST-30D provides a full range of solutions for respiratory insufficiency patients.

Sepray ST-30D is applicable to the following a variety of diseases treatment and care:

  • COPD
  • Neuromuscular diseases
  • Pulmonary fibrosis
  • Carbon dioxide retention
  • Hypoxemia
  • Pulmonary heart disease
  • Snoring
  • Sleep apnea syndrome
Improve your respiratory situation
especially designed for COPD patients

Treatment non-invasive positive airway pressure on COPD,
patients can achieve the following effects by using Sepray ST-3OD

Breathing smoothly / Improve body vitality / Shorten the hospital stay

Protection of sleep quality / Improve the immune system / Relief the symptoms of hypoxia

Multiply respiratory mode offer
more choices

Sepray ST-30D has 3 respiratory modes: CPAP, S and S/T, to meet patients different needs.
S/T mode(Spontaneous/Timed control mode) is especially for COPD and II respiratory failures patients, to bring more natural and smooth breathing experience.

The pressure range is 4-30cmH2O. Higher pressure level could continuously provide effective and stable treatment pressure and flow output to protect the treatment effect.





Cost saving

Our goal is: allowing you to use less money, but obtain more convenient and thoughtful non-invasive ventilation care and personal caring service.
Studies have shown that the application of non-invasive ventilation in family can save more than 60% of clinical treatment costs.

  • Save money

    Reduce hospitalization times

  • No trouble

    No need to line up to register in hospital

  • No worry

    One machine for one
    user makes more
    peace of mind

  • Save time

    Reduce the number
    of trips between
    hospitals and homes

Intelligent humidification system
Nourishing and peace of mind

Healthy heating and humidification system, releasing a larger amount of humidification Maintain ideal humidity for 10ml/L in flow rate of 60L/min, improve nasal dryness, respiratory discomfort and dry skin etc.
make you have a comfortable breathing.
Anti-dry protection technology, flame retardant material and power protection ensuring safe treatment, patients can feel at ease to use without care or sleep at night.

  • 360°anti-countercurrent

    The patented 360°anti-countercurrent
    technology prevents the water in the
    chamber from returning to
    main machine.

  • Anti-dry technology to
    avoid risks

    Anti-dry protection technology,
    flame retardant material and power
    protection to ensure safe treatment,
    patients can feel at ease to use
    without care or sleep at night.

  • Adjustable 5 temperature

    Adjustable 5 temperature levels humidifier
    to meet the needs of different treatment
    needs of users, multiple temperature level
    for choosing, more user-friendly
    and more comfortable.

Give you a safe and thoughtful
respiratory care

Customized flame-retardant material shell, which is beautiful while paying attention to safety performance, good corrosion resistance to effectively extend the life of the fuselage; 12 kinds of alarms, carefully guard your safety as your family.
Including blower fault alarm, humidifier failure alarm, pressure sensor alarm, high-pressure alarm, pipe off alarm, pipe obstruction alarm, mask off alarm, apnea alarm, low-minute volume alarm, low tidal volume alarm, memory card is full and remove alarm and so on 12 kinds of alarm settings, painstaking thinking only for your safety.

  • 12 kinds of alarms, just
    to guarding your safety

  • Flame-retardant material
    shell, rugged and safe

Quiet and thoughtful functional design,
accompanying you through every
serenity night

LED backlit screen, sleep mode is automatically activated at night, the screen back light automatically dim, so you will not suffer from light interference.
high-quality turbine makes the sound is lower than 28dB during operation, to create a comfortable quiet sleep environment for you.

working noise

turn on
sleep mode

One-touch wheel button,
turn on treatment within 1 second
3.5 inch colorful LCD screen,
include more treatment data display

In order to meet and facilitate the use of the elderly patients, we designed the products with more care and humanity, 3.5 inch colorful LCD screen, fusion of more treatment data, eliminating the need to turn the page.
One-touch knob design, one-hand simple operation.

Simple and easy to use,
distinctive ultra-portable

Simple texture appearance and smooth lines, humanized design concept, perfectly embedded humidifier and main unit are integrated into one, which will not take up space and is more suitable for home placement.

portable bag

portable mask


M+HealthCare Platform

Built-in wifi module could synchronously transmit real-time treatment data.
The M+HealthCare platform could track the monitor treatment data in real time.
It is an exclusive 7*24h after-salesservice for you. Regardless of work, business trip, travel, you could still make real-time monitoring anytime, anywhere.
It offers you and your family best personal guardian.
M+HealthCare platform could integrate all the sleep data and automatically generate a professional treatment assessment report.
Even when you stay at home, you could obtain the most professional and high efficient care program.

4 methods of report reading

  • Surface
  • M+HealthCare Platform
  • App
  • Analysis Software
We focused on advanced technology
for this innovative products

Sepray ST-30D household non-invasive ventilator, with advanced scientific treatment algorithm, a large number of clinical trials to verify that it could automatically and accurately monitor and identify a variety of respiratory conditions, and accurately carry out sleeping position detection and event response.
Three core technology integration, to create this intelligent respiratory management experts.

pressure release technology

Powerful pressure relief technology-COMF, is our own patent.
It could ensure the comfort level, high compliance, free from burdened breath nursing through the clinical test and demonstration.

AST (Automatic Synchronization

Automatically follow the patient's breathing, accurately determine the time of patient trigger and replacement, and provide the corresponding inspiratory and expiratory pressure; automatic sensitivity technology without manually setting the sensitivity, minimize the patient's breathing work.

Real-time monitoring data

Extensive clinical monitoring data, icluding treatment pressure, peak flow rate, respiratory rate, tidal volume, minute volumeand so on.
To help patients get comprehensive understanding of the status of treatment in real time.

data monitoring

parameters display

Standard Package
Sepray ST-30D
360° anti-counter current water chamber/Humidifier upper cover
Water chamber cover
Power adapter
User manual
Micro SD card(4G)


Picture: Sepray ST-30D

Brochure: Sepray ST-30D EN

User manual: Sepray ST-30D_V2.1 EN