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CPAP A25 non-invasive ventilator
CPAP A25 non-invasive ventilator
Fully automatic pressure control technology, COMF pressure release technology, improve treatment comfort and compliance.
The single-level ventilator is designed for people with obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome (malignant snoring). Fully automatic pressure control technology, better compliance, brings you a more comfortable nursing experience, is an economical popular product in the household non-invasive ventilator series.
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Product introduction


Non-invasive ventilator

Say goodbye to snoring and enjoy sleep

Designed for people with snoring, sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome. Fully automatic pressure control technology, better compliance, bringing you a more comfortable nursing experience. It is an economical and popular product of micomme home-care non-invasive ventilator series

CPAP A25 can effectively improve the following symptoms:

  • Snoring
  • Breathe with open mouth
  • Thirst in the morning
  • Frequent nocturia
  • Tiredness and lethargy during the day
  • Memory decline
  • Hypoxemia
  • Hypertension
  • High blood sugar
  • Endocrine disorders

Automatic pressure setting, better tolerance
CPAP A25 can automatically adjust the treatment pressure according to the patient's condition and provide the patient with a comfortable pressure level. The patient does not need to adjust the pressure repeatedly, and the treatment process becomes simple and convenient. It not only effectively solves the patient's intolerance during the treatment process, but also improves the patient's comfort

Automatic, intelligent, reassuring
Guarantee treatment effect

When the ventilator is working, it will continuously provide an airflow with a dynamically changing pressure. The ventilator automatically adjusts the effective treatment pressure according to the type and severity of the user's night breathing problem.
For example: the breathing problem in the supine position is more serious than that in the lateral position. At this time, the ventilator will provide higher pressure in the supine position and lower pressure in the lateral position, thereby improving user comfort and treatment Compliance.

Single-level non-invasive ventilator

Before using the ventilator, the patient needs to manually set the pressure of the ventilator according to his own breathing situation. When in use, the ventilator continuously provides a fixed-pressure airflow to provide pressure support for the patient's breathing, correcting and improving various obstructive breathing problems that may occur at night

Simple design interface

We incorporate more care and humane design into the product design: 3.5-inch LCD high-definition color screen, the screen is larger and clearer; integrates more treatment data, eliminating the need for page turning steps; one-button control dial design, operate with one hand. Easy but not simple

Integrated industrial design, ultra-portable

The appearance is simple and textured, and the lines are smooth, all in one. Humanized design concept, the humidifier is perfectly embedded in the ventilator, and the main humidifier is combined into one, which does not take up space and is convenient for setting out.

The external size is 24.3*16.7*13cm, small and exquisite, with an exclusive design carrying case, large capacity, and easy to carry. Details highlight quality; humanized mask carrying case, anti-extrusion design, beautiful and more practical

Quiet and thoughtful functional design, accompany you through every quiet night

The LED backlit screen automatically activates the sleep mode when used at night. The screen backlight is automatically dimmed, so that you are not disturbed by light; the high-quality turbine makes the machine work sound less than 25 decibels, creating a comfortable and quiet sleeping environment for you

Humidifier condenses cutting-edge technology, patented technology enhances the treatment effect
The humidifier is unique in design, and the multi-level adjustable temperature design can effectively prevent respiratory discomfort, reduce the resistance in the nasal cavity, ensure the stability of the pressure in the mask, and improve the treatment effect.
The 360-degree anti-infusion technology independently designed and developed has obtained the national patent certification. Effectively prevent the water in the water tank from pouring and returning to burn the internal motor when the machine is moved or dumped, avoiding the risk of use and improving the freedom and comfort of treatment

360° anti-inflow technology
The 360° anti-inflow technology that has obtained the national patent certification can prevent the water in the water chamber from flowing back into the machine, making it safer to move as you want!

Anti-dry burning technology to avoid risks
Anti-dry protection technology, flame-retardant material, power-off protection to ensure the safety of treatment, it can be used with peace of mind when the patient is unattended or sleeping at night!

5 levels of temperature setting
The temperature of the humidifier can be adjusted in 5 levels to meet the treatment needs of users in different environments! Multiple temperature levels to choose as you like, more humane and more comfortable!

Better core components
Imported turbine, powerful and efficient
The turbine is the core component of the ventilator, which determines the quality of the ventilator. The pressure output is stronger, more efficient, more accurate, and has a powerful air leakage compensation capability. The pressure level changes quickly, the performance is stable and silent, allowing the patient to sleep comfortably.

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