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Governor of Hunan Province, investigated micomme and made important instructions
Publish time:2021-01-27

On the morning of February 2, 2020, Xu Dazhe, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Hunan Province, led a delegation of provincial, municipal and high-tech zone leaders to visit micomme to investigate the COVID-19 prevention and control products. Hu Henghua, Member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Changsha Municipal Party Committee, Wang Qun, Secretary-General of the Provincial Government, Tong Xudong, Director of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Cao Huiquan, Director of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and Ye Renxiong, Director of the Provincial Government Research Office, participated in the investigation. Secretary Zhou Qingnian and other leaders accompanied him. Dai Zheng, chairman of micomme medical, and other leaders of the company received the investigation team. 

▲ On February 2, Xu Dazhe, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor (second from left), investigated micomme's COVID-19 prevention and control products. 

In the cloud platform data center, Chairman Dai Zheng introduced the company's product production and the specific work of fighting COVID-19 to Governor Xu Dazhe and his party. When Governor Xu Dazhe learned that micomme has become the only high-tech enterprise in the country that can produce high-flow non-invasive respiratory humidification treatment equipment and medical non-invasive ventilators through many years of scientific and technological innovation, he appreciates the achievements in the cooperation between universities and research institutes, and at the same time instruct the company to effectively implement the requirements of the national prevention and control headquarters and the provincial party committee, start production at full capacity, and provide urgently needed medical equipment for the fight against COVID-19 in Hubei, Hunan and the whole country. Win this battle against the epidemic. 

      Governor Xu Dazhe also inquired with concern about the current production and operation of the enterprise. After learning that the upstream supply chain of the company was experiencing difficulties due to the Spring Festival and the epidemic, Governor Xu Dazhe immediately instructed the provincial party committee, municipal party committee and other provincial governments to coordinate to ensure the supply of raw materials for our company. 

Xu Dazhe (second from left) praised micomme's R&D innovation and industry-university-research cooperation, as well as instructions for prevention, control and production. 

     In the conference room, Governor Xu Dazhe used a remote video system to connect with Ding Jin, the deputy general manager of the battle in Wuhan, and the engineering service team. He cordially expressed his condolences and thanked them for their great contributions to the people of Wuhan, Hubei on behalf of Hunan enterprises. Instruct front-line personnel to take protective measures to ensure their own safety. 

    ▲ Xu Dazhe (second from right) extended condolences to the engineering and technical team sent by micomme to Wuhan via video connection

In just over ten days, micomme provided more than 1,000 important treatment equipments to the front lines of the epidemic in the country, including Hubei and Hunan. Governor Xu Dazhe highly affirmed this. At the same time, micomme is required to make its own contribution to the health cause of Hunan Province, help improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of primary medical care, and implement disease prevention and control in primary health centers. Finally, Governor Xu Dazhe encouraged all micomme staff to have confidence and challenge themselves. We will definitely win this battle against the epidemic! 

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